Enjoy Wakatobi Island

Wakatobi Island, an area located in the Banda Sea region of Southeast Sulawesi is a fantastic tourist destination as a tourist submarines and Marine Tourism in Indonesia have loved. The existence of the underwater park is beautiful make a lot of people both from within and even from abroad come there to see and feel the area is filled with the beauty of this marine park.

Wakatobi is Excellence for the vast expanse of rock along the bottom of the ocean waters with a complex topography such as slope shape, flat, drop-offs, atoll and underwater cave with a diverse marine biota.

Wakatobi Resort offers world-class penyeleman supported by a spectacular house reef as well as easy access to diving with a diversity of marine life coupled with security and comfort in doing so secure diving activities with protected marine areas.
Wakatobi Resort also has an experienced and knowledgeable staff of the ministry of tourism, serving healthy food menu and the diversity of flavors, and equipped with satellite communication device with Internet access 24 hours, so the Wakatobi Dive Resort, serving the guests with world standards of service. The resort is also equipped with airfields on the island Maranggo Tomia with flight path that connects the island of  Bali to Tomia will make the trip to Wakatobi more mudan and comfortable.
Wakatobi marine park has approximately 25 clusters  of coral reef with hundreds of species (approximately 750 species), but is surrounded by a total area of 600 km2 and attractions are stunning beaches, sparkling white sand which when illuminated by the sun and was the original area beach.
 So, Enjoy Wakatobi island and welcome to Indonesia.........................

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