Tiger's Face: My Opinion........

Most of us know that he is a truly Lord Of The Jungle. "Harimau Sumatera", local name for Panthera Tigris Sumatrae. The last Tigers population on Indonesian Jungle.

All we are know that this animal is so dangerous. They are The TOP PREDATOR inside our ecosystem. But now they sow a legendary new enemy and the enemy is us. We can't eat tigers steak, but why we hunt them?.

Old farmers tell the story about this lost, He said Tigers eat his buffalo. And now he want to revenges. With their guns, they are going to hunt. That Fact teach us how to understanding how they lives. They need food, same with you. Environment changes, forest gone.

The point is I want to take your hand and let's get together to stop and save our tigers. It's urgently warning before we loose it  forever.

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