WWF Launches Save The Tiger Campaign

The campaign will operate under the slogan “Double or Nothing: Save the wild tigers and save so much more!”.

The aim is to raise emergency funds to help eliminate poaching, protect the animal’s natural habitats and stop illegal tiger trade which is currently running at an unprecedented level.

The campaign kicked off with rallies organized by eco-club students in eight districts in Nepal, as well as drawing and painting competitions about tiger conservation in various schools. 

“Double or Nothing: Save the wild tigers and save so much more!”

Anil Manandhar, of WWF Nepal, said the organization is pleased with the government’s support with the campaign:

“We highly appreciate the government of Nepal’s commitment to establish Banke National Park expanding the tiger habitat in the west, establish National Tiger Conservation Authority and Wildlife Crime Control Bureau to control poaching.”

According to WWF, there are only 121 tigers left in Nepal and numbers continue to fall.

Throughout 2010, the Year of the Tiger, citizens will be able to participate in various activities designed raise awareness and ultimately achieve the goal of doubling the nation’s tiger population.

Source By: Taylor Turner

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  1. Let's support WWF Year Of Endangered Tiger 2010......

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