Guantanamo Prison: Not Yet Closed......!!

“It is necessary that the US should control the Windward Passage through which commerce and our transports and warships must pass on the way to the canal from northern parts.” - John D. Long, Former US Secretary of the Navy, May 1900

Guantánamo Bay is a detainment facility of the United States located in Cuba. The facility was established in 2002 by the Bush Administration to hold detainees from the war in Afghanistan and later Iraq. 

It is operated by the Joint Task Force Guantánamo of the United States government in Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, which is on the shore of Guantánamo Bay. 

The detainment areas consist of three camps: Camp Delta (which includes Camp Echo), Camp Iguana, and Camp X-Ray, the last of which has been closed. After the Justice Department advised that the Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp could be considered outside U.S. legal jurisdiction, the first twenty captives arrived at Guantánamo on January 11, 2002. 

After the Bush administration asserted that detainees were not entitled to any of the protections of the Geneva Conventions, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld on June 29, 2006, that they were entitled to the minimal protections listed under Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions. 

Following this, on July 7, 2006, the Department of Defense issued an internal memo stating that prisoners would in the future be entitled to protection under Common Article 3. The detainees held as of June 2008 have been classified by the United States as "enemy combatants".

On January 22, 2009, the White House announced that President Barack Obama had signed an order to suspend the proceedings of the Guantanamo military commission for 120 days and that the detention facility would be shut down within the year. On January 29, 2009, a military judge at Guantánamo rejected the White House request in the case of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, creating an unexpected challenge for the administration as it reviews how America puts Guantánamo detainees on trial.

On May 20, 2009, the United States Senate passed an amendment to the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2009 (H.R. 2346) by a 90-6 vote to block funds needed for the transfer or release of prisoners held at the Guantánamo Bay detention camp. As of November 2010, 174 detainees remain at Guantanamo.

President Obama issued a Presidential memorandum dated December 15, 2009, ordering the preparation of the Thomson Correctional Center, Thomson, Illinois so as to enable the transfer of Guantanamo prisoners there. 

The Final Report of the Guantanamo Review Task Force dated January 22, 2010 published the results for the 240 detainees subject to the Review: 36 were the subject of active cases or investigations; 30 detainees from Yemen were designated for 'conditional detention' due to the the security environment in Yemen; 126 detainees were approved for transfer; 48 detainees were determined 'too dangerous to transfer but not feasible for prosecution'.

The Federation of American Scientists published a report entitled 'Enemy Combatant Detainees: Habeas Corpus Challenges in Federal Court'.

On Jan 7, 2011, President Obama signed the 2011 Defense Authorization Bill which contains provisions preventing the transfer of Guantanomo prisoners to the mainland or to other foreign countries, and thus effectively stops the closure of the detention facility. However he strongly objected to the clauses and stated that he would work with Congress to oppose the measures.

Names of the Detained in Guantanamo Prison
The Pentagon has declined to identify the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, most of whom were captured in Afghanistan during and after the 2001 war there. Below is the largest list of names made public thus far, encompassing: 367 men whose identities have appeared in media reports, on Arabic Web sites and in legal documents.

- Abasin, Said (Released)                                                             
- Agha, Ismail (Released)
- Ali, Sahibzada Usman (Released)
- Aslam, Noor (Released)
- Badr, Badrzaman (Released)
- Barak (Released)
- Ehsannullah, (Released)
- Farooq, Muhammad Naim (Released)
- Fazil or Fadhil, Mullah   
- Ghafar, Maulvi Abdul (Released)
- Ghulab, Sher (Released)
- Gul, Lall (Released)
- Gul, Nate (Released)
- Khairkhwa, Khairullah   
- Khan, Alif (Released)
- Khan, Aziz (Released)
- Khan, Haji Mohammed (Released)
- Khan, Juma   
- Khan, Merza (Released)
- Koochi, Naeem   
- Mazloom, Fazel   
- Mohammed (Released)
- Mohammed, Hajii Faiz (Released)
- Mohammed, Jan (Released)
- Mohammed, Wazir   
- Muhammad, Mirza
- Naqibullah (Released)
- Osman, Haji(Released)
- Osman, Mohammad (Released)
- Rahman, Asadullah (Released)
- Rahmatullah
- Raouf, Mullah Abdel   
- Razeq, Abdul (Released)
- Rehman, Abdul (Released)
- Rustam,
- Sabitullah
- Sarajudim (Released)
- Shah, Rostum (Released)
- Shah, Sliman (Released)
- Shah, Sulaiman (Released)
- Shah, Zakhim (Released)
- Shakur, Mullah
- Shehzada, Mullah (Released)
- Sidiq, Mohammed (Released)
- Sidiq, Muhammad (Released)
- Tahir, Mohammad (Released)
- Ullah, Asad
- Wali, Badshah (Released)
- Wazir, Mohammed (Released)
- Zaeef, Mohammed

- Abdullah, Abu
- Ait Idir, Mustapha
- Belkacem, Bensayah
- Boumediene, Lakhdar
- El Hadj, Boudella
- Lahmar, Saber
- Nechle, Mohamed
- Slaa, Byami Abu
- Zemiri, Ahcene

- Habib, Mamdouh
- Hicks, David

- Al Blooshi, Salah Abdul Rasool
- Al Dossary, Juma Mohammed
- Al Khalifa, Shaikh Salman bin Ebrahim
- Al Merbati, Isa
- Al Naoimi, Abdulla Majid
- Al Wadi, Adil Kamil Abdullah
- Hajii , Adil Kamel Abdullah

- Zemmouri, Moussa

- Khadr, Abdur Rahman (Released)
- Khadr, Omar

- Abderrahmane, Slimane Hadj (Released)

- Elgazzar, Adel Fattouh Aly
- El-Weledi, Reda Fadel
- Mazrou, Alaa Abdel-Maqsoud
- Meshad, Sherif
- Rahman, Ahmed Abdel

- Benchellali, Mourad
- Kanouni, Imad
- Mustafa, Khaled ben
- Patel, Mushtaq Ali
- Ridouane, Khalid
- Sassi, Nizar
- Yadel, Brahim

- Al Rawi, Bisher

- Abdul Rahman, Wesam
- Al Asmar, Khalid
- Al Banna, Jamil
- Asnar, Khalid
- Azzam, Hussein
- Nabaytah, Hassan

- Al Ajmi, Abdullah Saleh Ali
- Al Azmi, Saad Madai Saad
- Al Dihani, Mohammed Funaitel
- Al Kandari, Abdullah kamel bin Abdullah Kamal
- Al Kandari, Fayiz Mohammed Ahmed
- Al Mutairi, Khalid Abdullah Mishal
- Al Mutairi, Nasser Nijer Naser
- Al Odah, Fawzi Khalid Abdullah Fahad
- Al Rabiah, Fwad Mahmoud
- Al Shammari, Abdulaziz SayerOwain
- Al Zamil, Adil Zamil Abdull Mohssin
- Amin, Omar Rajab

- Deghayes, Omar
- Gherebi, Falen

- Fauzee, Ibrahim

- Ould Slahi, Mouhamedou

- Abdullah, Ahmad
- Abdullah, Noorudeen
- Abdulsalam, Reswan
- Al Ilmi, Muhammad
- Al Shaqoori, Usamah
- Al Shaqoori, Yunus
- Ali, Abu Sana
- Aouzar, Mohamed
- Ash Shaqoori, Usamah
- Bajadiyah, Saeed
- Benchakroun, Brahim (Released)
- Binmoojan, Muhammad (Released)
- Chekkouri, Redouan (Released)
- Chekkouri, Younes
- Feroze, Muhammad
- Ikassrien, Lahcen
- Mazouz, Mohamed (Released)
- Shaqroon, Ibrahim bin
- Tabarak, Abdallah

- Abbas, Muhammad   
- Ahmad, Ali
- Ahmad, Ejaz
- Ahmed, Sarfaraz
- Alam, Noor (Released)
- Ali, Sarfraz
- Ali, Syed Saim
- Amin, Aminullah
- Ansar, Muhammad (Released)
- Anwar, Muhammad
- Ashraf, Muhammad
- Ayub, Haseeb
- Dad, Fazal
- Hanif, Muhammad
- Iilyas, Muhammad
- Iqbal, Faid or Faiq (Released)
- Iqbal, Zafar
- Irfan, Muhammad
- Ishaq, Muhammad (Released)
- Jamaluddin, Muhammad (Released)
- Jan, Aziaullah
- Khan, Alef (Released)
- Khan, Aziz
- Khan, Badshah
- Khan, Ejaz Ahmad (Released)
- Khan, Hamood ullah
- Khan, Issa
- Khan, Muhammad Ejaz
- Khan, Muhammad Kashif (Released)
- Khan, Tariq Aziz (Released)
- Kifayatullah
- Manzoor, Hafiz Liaqat (Released)
- Mar'i, Jamal Muhammad Alawi
- Maula, Abdul (Released)
- Mehmood, Majid (Released)
- Mehmood, Talli (Released)
- Muhammad, Ali 
- Muhammad, Shah (Released)
- Naseer, Muneer bin
- Nauman, Muhammad
- Omar, Muhammad
- Paracha, Saifullah
- Rafiq, Muhammad
- Rahim, Abdul
- Raza, Abid
- Raza, Muhammad Arshad   
- Razaq, Abdul/Abdur (Released)
- Rehman, Abdul
- Rehman, Hafiz Khalil ur
- Rehman, Sajid-ur (Released)
- Saeed, Hafiz Ehsan
- Saeed, Muhammad    
- Safeesi, Abdul Sattar
- Sagheer, Muhammad (Released)
- Salahuddin, Ghazi (Released)
- Sattar, Abdul 
- Shah, Syed Zia Hussain
- Sultan, Zahid
- Tariq, Muhammad
- Tariq, Muhammad
- Wali, Jehan/Jan (Released)
- Zaman, Badar uz 
- Zaman, Qaisir (Released)

- Al Marri, Jarallah

- Akhmyarov, Rustam (Realesed)
- Gumarov, Ravil (Realesed)
- Ishmuradov, Timur (Realesed)
- Khazhiyev, Shamil (Realesed)
- Kudayev, Rasul (Realesed)
- Mingazov, Ravil
- Odigov, Ruslan (Realesed)
- Vakhitov, Aryat (Realesed)

Saudi Arabia:
- Aamer, Shaker Abdur-Raheem
- Al Anazi, Abdullah
- Al Areeni, Khalid
- Al Aseemi, Fahd Sultan Ubaid
- Al Aushan, Abdul Aziz Sad
- Al Aushan, Salih bin Abdullah
- Al Aushan, Salman
- Al Badaah, Abdul Aziz bin Abdur Rahman
- Al Bahooth, Ziyad bin Salih bin Muhammad
- Al Barakati, Khalid
- Al Fawzan, Fahd Fawzan
- Al Fifi, Jaber
- Al Fouzan, Fahd
- Al Ghamdi, Abdur Rahman Uthman
- Al Ghamdi, Khalaf Awad
- Al Ghamdi, Saeed Farhah
- Al Ghamdi, Zaid
- Al Ghanimi, Abdullah Muhammad Salih
- Al Habardi, Mane Shaman
- Al Harbi or Hahrbi, Mish
- Al Harbi, Ibrahim Daifullah
- Al Harbi, Tariq
- Al Jowfi, Rashid
- Al Juaid, Rami Sad
- Al Judaan, Hamood
- Al Juhani, Badr
- Al Juhdali, Ziyad
- Al Jutaili, Fahd bin Salih bin Sulaiman   
- Al Kaabi, Jamil Ali
- Al Khalafi or Khalaqi, Asim
- Al Khalidi, Sulaiman
- Al Khowlani, Idrees
- Al Maaliki, Sad
- Al Marrah, Khalid
- Al Matrafi, Abdullah
- Al Mosleh, Abdullah Hamid
- Al Muraqi, Khalid bin Abdullah
- Al Musa, Abdul Wahab
- Al Nasir, Ibrahim Muhammad
- Al Nukhailan, Naif
- Al Nur, Anwar Hamdan
- Al Nusairi, Adil Uqla Hasan
- Al Omar, Wasm Awad Al Wasm
- Al Omari, Musa bin Ali bin Saeed
- Al Otaibi, Bandar   
- Al Owshan, Abdul Aziz Sad
- Al Owshan, Saleh bin Abdullah   
- Al Owshan, Salman or Sulieman
- Al Qaaid, Rashid
- Al Qahtani, Abdullah Hamid al Muslih
- Al Qahtani, Jaber Hasan
- Al Qahtani, Mohamed
- Al Qahtani, Sad
- Al Qurashi, Muhammad Abdur-Rahman Abid
- Al Rabeesh, Yusuf
- Al Sabeei, Abdul Hadi Muhammad
- Al Sabeei, Abdullah
- Al Sabeei, Muhammad Jayid
- Al Sayegh, Adnan Muhammad Ali
- Al Shaher, Salem
- Al Shahrani, Muhammad bin Abdur Rahman
- Al Shaibani, Bandar
- Al Shammari, Majid Afas Radi Al Tumi
- Al Shamri, Anwar Hamdan al Noor
- Al Shareef, Fahd Umar
- Al Shareef, Sultan
- Al Shehri, Abdus Salam Ghaithan
- Al Shehri, Saeed Ali Jabir ale Khuthaim
- Al Shehri, Salim
- Al Shehri, Yusuf Muhammad
- Al Sulami, Yahya
- Al Umar, Ibrahim bin Umar
- Al Unzi, Abdullah Thani Faris Al Sulami
- Al Unzi, Khalid   
- Al Unzi, Rakan
- Al Unzi, Sultan Sari Saail
- Al Utaibi, Bajad bin Daifillah
- Al Utaibi, Bandar
- Al Utaibi, Muhammad Suroor
- Al Utaibi, Naif Fahd Al Aseemi
- Al Zahrani, Khalid   
- Al Zahrani, Sad Ibrahim Ramzi al-Jundubi
- Al Zahrani, Yasser Talal   
- As Sabeei or Al Sabeei, Muhammad Jayid
- As Sabeei, Abdul Hadi Muhammad
- As Sabeei, Abdullah
- Aseeri, Turki Mashawi Zayid Ale Jabali   
- Ash Shabani, Fahd Abdullah
- Ash Shahrani, Muhammad bin Abdur Rahman
- Ash Shaibani, Bandar
- Ash Shamari, Zain
- Ash Shamri, Anwar Hamdan al Noor
- Ash Shareef, Fahd Umar
- Ash Shareef, Sultan
- Ash Sharikh, Abdul Hadi
- Ash Sharikh, Abdur Razzaq
- Ash Shehri, Yusuf Muhammad
- Ash Shehri, Saeed Abdul Jabir ale Khutaim   
- Ash Shehri, Saleem
- Ashadouki, Mishale (Released)
- Bukhari, Abdul Hakeem
- Fouzan, Fahed
- Ghazi, Fahd Abdullah Ahmad
- Hamza, Abu
- Joaid, Abdul Rahman
- Muqaddam, Murtada
- Noor, Yusuf Khaleel
- Saud, Abu

- Ahmed, Hamed Abderrahman (Released)

- Ahmad, Rashid Hasan (Released)
- Al Haj, Sami
- Al Qosi, Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud
- Babikir, Muhammad al Ghazali

- Ghezali, Mehdi Muhammed

- Al Muhammad, Mahmood
- Dukhan, Mamar

- Nabiyev, Yusuf
- Sharofov, Rukmiddin
- Vohidov, Muqim

- Hkimi, Adel
- Lagah, Lofti Ben Suihi
- Mamrouk, Adel Ben Hamida
- Nasri, Riadh Mohammad
- Ridha, Yazidi
- Sassi, Mohammed Ben Sala

- Bayifkan, Lutfi
- Celik, Abdullah
- Celikgogus, Yuksel (Released)
- Eksi, Mustafa
- Kurnaz, Murat
- Mert, Nuri (Released)
- Sen, Ibrahim
- Sen, Mesut
- Uyar, Salih
- Uzel, Turgut

- Abdullah, Jamal

United Kingdom:
- Abbasi, Feroz
- Ahmed, Ruhal (Released)
- Al-Harith, Jamal Udeen (Released)
- Begg, Moazzam
- Belmar, Richard
- Dergoul, Tarek (Released)
- Iqbal, Asif (Released)
- Mubanga, Martin
- Rasul, Shafiq (Released)

United States:
- Hamdi, Yasir Esam

- Arbaish, Khalid bin Suleiman
- Deghayes, Omar
- Maimoundi, Hassan
- Patel, Mustaq Ali

- Abd, Allah Ab Aljalil Abd Al Rahman
- Abdouh, Atag Ali
- Abdulraheem, Othman
- Ahmed, Fahmi Abdullah
- Ahmed, Faruq Ali
- Al Adahi, Mohamed
- Al Asadi, Mohamed Ahmed
- Al Askari, Mohsin Ali
- Al Assani, Fahmi Salem
- Al Azraq, Majid Hamoud
- Al Baasi, Mohsin Abdullah
- Al Bahlul, Ali Hamza Ahmed Sulayman
- Al Baidhani, Abdulkhaliq
- Al Busayss, Adil Said Al Haj Obeid
- Al Darbi, Ahmed
- Al Dhabbi, Khalid Mohamed Saleh
- Al Dhabi, Salah Mohamed Saleh
- Al Dini, Omar Saeed
- Al Ghaith, Abdurahman ba
- Al Habashi, Raafat
- Al Haimi, Basheer Al Marwali
- Al Haj, Sarqawi
- Al Hamd, Adel Saleh
- Al Hassan, Sameer Naji
- Al Kazimi, Ali Nasser
- Al Kouri, Farouq Ahmed
- Al Madhoni, Musaab
- Al Mahdi, Ali Yahya Mahdi
- Al Marwalah, Bishir Naser Ali
- Al Matari, Fahd Al Haimi
- Al Muhajiri, Abdulmajeed
- Al Mujahid, Mahmoud Abdulaziz
- Al Qadasi, Khalid Massah
- Al Rabahi, Abdullah Ameen
- Al Rahabi, Abdulmalik Abdulwahhab
- Al Raimi, Ali Yahya Mahdi
- Al Raimi, Ismail Ali
- Al Razehi, Ali Ahmed Mohammad
- Al Salami, Ali Abdullah
- Al Salami, Saleh Abdullah
- Al Samh, Adil Abu
- Al Sarim, Saeed Ahmed
- Al Shamiri, Mustafa
- Al Siblie, Abdullah Yahya Yousuf
- Al Suwaidi, Abdulaziz
- Al Towlaqi, Fahmi
- Al Wahab, Abd al Malik Abd
- Al Warifi, Mukhtaar
- Al Yafii, Al Khadir Abdullah
- Al Zuhairi, Ahmed Zaid
- Al-Tays, Ali Hussain
- Amer, Jalal Salim bin
- Anam, Suhail Abdo
- Amro, Jalal Salem bin
- Anam, Suhail Abdo
- Aqeel, Sulaiman bin
- Batarfi, Ayman Saeed
- Ghanem, Mohamed Ragab Abu
- Hamada, Mohamed
- Hamdan, Salim Ahmed
- Hamdoon, Zahir Omar bin
- Hassan, Imad Abdullah
- Hassan, Mohammad Mohammad
- Hatem, Saeed
- Ismail, Yasin Qasem Muhammad
- Khasraf, Mohamed Nasser Yahya Abdullah
- Mujarrad, Talal Ahmed Mohamed
- Murshid, Ayoub
- Omar, Othman Ali
- Qaid, Yaseen
- Qassim, Khalid Ahmed
- Quraish, Nasr Abdullah
- Rabeii, Salman Yahya Hassan Mohammad
- Rashid, Hani Saleh
- Salman, Mohamed bin
- Shaalan, Hani Abdo Muslih
- Utain, Riyad
- Uthman, Abdur Rahim Mohammad Uthman
- Wazeer, Abdullah ba


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