Mossad Chief shows off, sabotages Policy (by.Yonat Friling)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly fuming with former head of Mossad (Israeli Spy Agency), Meir Dagan. Dagan’s last day on the job was last week, and at the last day he talked to journalists and dropped a bombshell: “Iran won’t reach its nuclear capabilities before 2015.”  Dagan also warned against “a rushed decision” to attack Iran.

With these last words, when he tried for the first time to “show off” his achievements, Dagan single handed sabotaged Netanyahu’s on going efforts to build a firm international coalition against Iran.   

In the past 2 years, since Netanyahu took office, he has been putting a special attention to forming a vast and strong coalition against Iran, that in due time, will support an attack on its nuclear facilities, and in the mean time will support harsh sanctions against the  Islamic republic. “Iran is a threat to the international community and not only to Israel” Netanyahu says in every meeting with world leaders.

Israeli newspaper quoted a senior source saying “The timing of Dagan’s remarks, and the way they were said, is unacceptable. Former heads of Mossad did not behave that way on the day of their departure. There’s something unprofessional in this. Dagan does not set policy, but only recommends, and his is one of several recommendations,” the report said.

In less than a month Israeli Chief of Staff, Gabi Ashkenazi will retire as well.  Ashkenazi, according to some analysts, sees eye-to-eye with Dagan on the major security-related issues such as Iran, and may express his views once he’ll take off his Army uniforms.

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